Geo Slam Creates PanGaia Studios

Geo Slam says...“I recognized a void. It’s not often that the studios we are working at have everything we need. Over the years, I have been in numerous studios all over the world, and I’ve taken notes on how to build the perfect studio. Many of these places were constructed in the seventies, and they can’t necessarily be rebuilt. I wanted to do something from scratch that incorporated everything I felt was missing.

It all started with an idea and a simple drawing on a napkin , but after 2 years of planning and construction it became reality…

Out take from the Press Release 2014: The innovative music recording company, PanGaia Studios, has come to life, introducing an upscale and unique studio experience for top talent and recording professionals worldwide. PanGaia Studios' creator and designer Geo Slam began his career as a professional session guitarist and producer for various studios in Sweden. He's now an accomplished International Platinum Producer, Geo has written and produced hits for the likes of One Direction, Jason Derulo, and more.

PanGaia Studios features six state of the art recording studios, private conference room, pressroom, a live streaming video system, personal artist lounges, two kitchens, as well as originative modern and parametric décor. Additionally, stepping into the building's internal outdoor area leads you into an alluring space that incites creative serenity and inspiration.